Mapquest and have teamed up to bring baseball fans a unique, simple, but yet highly fun and informative website, as well as an original online video series called “Key to the City” which is probably the site’s main feature or its biggest attraction. Key to the City features customized baseball content which basically […]

MapQuest Local Partners With FourSquare

May 14, 2014

MapQuest Local was recently re-invented and re-designed to improve the quality of their service. In order to accomplish their goals and make your life easier they’ve decided to create new partnerships with some of the biggest data providers in the world such as FourSquare, GrubHub, Booker, SeatGeek, and several others. Their objective is to make […]

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Time Travel Now Available on Google Maps Street View

April 23, 2014

Traveling through time is now possible thanks to Google Maps, the search giant has just announced the release of a new feature that is now available through their popular “Street View” product that everyone loves. ABC News reported that “snapshots will now include an option to see what neighborhoods and landmarks looked like at different […]

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“Google Naps” A Google Maps Based Nap Finder

March 29, 2014
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The next time that you’re feeling a little bit tired or sleepy, and you also feel like you just want to take a nap, but you happen to be far from home at that precise moment, no need to worry, because we actually have the perfect site for you. It’s called Google Naps, and it […]

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Google Maps Urban Jungle Street View

March 20, 2014

Urban Jungle Street View is a new experimental site created by Einar Oberg using the Google Maps API. What’s really cool about this application is that it allows you to transform and explore any place as if it was an actual jungle. In order to achieve the desired effect, the creator used a powerful street […]

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Google Maps Launches River View of The Grand Canyon

March 13, 2014

Google has just launched a brand new feature which I’m sure you will all get to love and enjoy, it’s called “River View”, you could say that it is an extension of the popular “Street View” feature that everyone knows and uses on a day to day to basis, in fact, it was created using […]

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New Google Maps Gallery

February 28, 2014

Google has just released a brand new gallery of the world’s top maps that were made using the Google Maps API. The gallery highlights and also organizes the best maps ever created using the Gmaps engine, through this new site you can find and access hundreds of maps which have been made available by well […]

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Ducati Museum in Bologna Italy Now Available on Google Maps

February 19, 2014

Google is constantly adding new locations and images of the most interesting places from around the world to their widely utilized free online mapping service “Google Maps”, in order to make the world a smaller place Google publishes 360 degree high quality images of such places in order to allow us (the users) to discover […]

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Managing Your Business on MapQuest Just Got Easier

February 7, 2014

MapQuest has been helping people find the best route between two or more points for almost twenty years, they’ve provided us with advanced tools and information that very few sites and online mapping services offer, they’ve also made major improvements on the interface, and now updating or changing information on business listings just got easier. […]

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Google Maps Street View Now Available in Philippines

January 28, 2014

Today Google announced the launch of their famous street view feature in Philippines. This feature has been long available in Google Maps and Google Earth, however, big G had not released a PH version until now, even though it was already available and in full effect in several other countries such as the USA, Canada, […]

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MapQuest and Marchex Partner Up To Connect Mobile and Online Consumers Through Pay for Call Ads

January 23, 2014

Marchex is a mobile advertising company that has just announced a preferred partnership with MapQuest. Both companies will benefit from this new partnership, for example, MapQuest will have access to Marchex’s base of more than 100,000 businesses, and Marchex will use MapQuest’s reach of consumers in order to leverage their bsuiness, which is pay for […]

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MapQuest Upside-Down Mode for iOS 7

January 21, 2014

MapQuest recently came up with a really cool idea which they decided to implement as a brand new feature for their mobile navigation app for iOS 7, it’s called the “Upside-Down” mode, and what it does is basically allow users to place their phone or mobile device upside-down to help them get to where they […]

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Google Maps and Android Take on the Automobile Industry

January 15, 2014

According to the Wall Street Journal Online (, Google and several other popular car makers including General Motors (GM) have just launched a new alliance at the international CES show last week in order to establish Google’s highly used Android operating system as a common platform that allows people to use apps in the connected […]

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MapQuest Relaunches Old Classic MapQuest

January 6, 2014
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I have good news for everyone who has been complaining, as well as missing the classic MapQuest site. I’m sure that most of you remember when AOL’s online mapping division decided to pull the old off the web back in May 2013, a move which I considered unwise due to the simple and obvious […]

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Use Google Maps to Find Out Which are the Most Photographed Places in the World

January 2, 2014
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A Google heat Map called “Sightsmap” which shows the most photographed places in the world was recently released, the objective of creating this map was to help mapping and traveling fans to easily and quickly identify or find the most popular places around the globe. This heat map is really cool because it provides a […]

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